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Fun links

The first Google search page First Atomic Clock Wristwatch How floating cities will work. Albert Einstein Page

Merry Christma … huh? Merry what? Huh?

What? Is it Christmas again? Damn. Every year I wake up on Christmas and realize I totally spaced the solstice. So what am I going to do with this GOAT I forgot to sacrifice????11??

This Photograph Needs a Caption

More captions please..

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Pope Knocked Down

I’m reading that Dan Browne book about the Illuminati. Given that, I doubt this could really happen: This, however, seems very likely to happen:

PhysioProf’s Sister as a Child

To you, Comrade PhysioProf is anonymous (and pseudonymous). But of course I know his true identity. In fact, I’m a good friend of the PhysioProf family. And I recently came across this document written by CPP’s sister when she was a little girl living in New Zealand. I thought I would share it with you.

Mysteries of the Congo

If you liked the Congo Memoirs, and you live in New York City, you might want to check this out:

A Case for Limits on File Names

Ray Ingles pointed out this position paper which I think is worth looking at … Traditionally, Unix/Linux/POSIX pathnames and filenames can be almost any sequence of bytes. A pathname lets you select a particular file, and may include one or more “/” characters. Each pathname component (separated by “/”) is a filename; filenames cannot contain…

I’ve assembled links to a few sites that people new to Linux should consider exploring.

I don’t like it, but I’ll take it. This bill lacks important features and includes some bad things. But, as Satan’s greatest feat is to convince us that he does not exist, the Health Care Insurance Industry’s greatest feat is to convince us that we can only revise the industry every 15 years. (Except that…