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Rather than demo another new technology, Tom Wujec reaches back to one of our earliest but most ingenious devices — the astrolabe. With thousands of uses, from telling time to mapping the night sky, this old tech reminds us that the ancient can be as brilliant as the brand-new.

Wed – 15:40: No snow yet. Wed – 15:55: Flurries, a little wind. Wed – 17:01: Roads are being glazed, numerous accidents reported. Wed – 18:08: Going out to check out the weather, buy ingredients for hot dish. And replacement cookies : ( Wed – 19:30 (32F): Ack…. I lost an entry. I’ll reconstruct it…

Here in Minnesota, we don’t get much snow. Minnesotans THINK they get lots of snow, because Minnesota is thought of as a wintry state. But the snowfall here is moderate, not great, in a typical year. If Minnesota were snowy, and Minnesotans could handle that, it would be hard to explain the 400 or so…

Who has a higher IQ, cats or dogs?

The eternal question … answered.

Why Greenhouses have nothing to do with the Greenhouse Effect, and more importantly, why CAN’T I microwave toast? A greenhouse is a glass house sealed to keep air in but made of glass allow sunlight in. This sunlight contributes to the heat in the greenhouse by warming the ground or other material in the greenhouse,…

Vampire Seminar

Following our discussion of Twilight a while back, I thought it would be a good idea to get together a bunch of vampires to see what they had to say about it. The conversation got off topic the moment it started, but I did get it recorded with my flip:

While living and working as a marine biologist in Maldives, Charles Anderson noticed sudden explosions of dragonflies at certain times of year. He explains how he carefully tracked the path of a plain, little dragonfly called the globe skimmer, only to discover that it had the longest migratory journey of any insect in the world.

Are you ready to get some presents?

You might need a refresher on what to do …

How To Use Linux ~ 03 Files

This is the third in our six or seven part series on how to use Linux if you are a regular smart person who needs a functioning computer but is not a geek. Today, a few items to know about files.

This post started out as a comment that would have gone here (but would have done just as well here). But it became sufficiently long and possibly interesting that I figured it would make a good, if somewhat rough, blog post.