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My bell is bigger than your bell

The other day there were cops in front of my local grocery store cajoling people to put money in the Salvation Army bucket. This might be worse:

More on Science Online 2010

Yet another blogger is calling for your input and involvement in relation to a session planned for Scioten, the Science Online 2010 conference coming up later this month. Janet Stemwedel writes: #scio10 preparation: Is there a special problem of online civility?

In a recent study, 56 percent of the women interviewed in a sample of 1800 claimed that they had a “g-spot” which is an area inside the vagina with increased sensitivity with respect to sexual arousal. (Added: See THIS write up of the original research)

Matters of size

One of those cool size videos:

The Volcano Nyamuragira: Some Context

Nyamuragira, just now erupting, is one of the numerous Virunga Volcanoes, which form a large cluster of volcanoes spanning the border of Congo, Rwanda and Uganda, between Lake Ex-Edward (a.k.a. Lake Rutenzege) and Lake Kivu. The largest population center is Goma, on Lake Kivu, along the southern margin of the lava fields from these volcanoes,…