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Loonies for Loonies!

Remember this? If not, you missed one of the great moments on the intertubes. These kids are Krazy In Love! Now, CLICK HERE and shell out five loonies for the happy couple!!!!

The human ACTN3 gene

Soccer practice was brutal. The hot summer heat made every drill twice as hard as usual. Everybody was a little bit off of their game, however I was particularly sluggish. The coaches called for a water break after finally noticing that our dehydration was significantly affecting our performance. I was dragging my feet on the…

Berry Go Round #23

..The Janus Edition is now up at Agricultural Biodiversity Weblog. Click here to read this plant blog carnival.

Tuna High

A tuna has been sold at auction in Tokyo’s fish market for 16.28 million yen ($175,000, £109,000), the highest price paid in Japan for nine years. The bluefin tuna weighs 232 kg – nearly four times as much as the average Japanese man. It was caught off the northern tip of Japan’s main island of…

…. Have you ever had this happen: You are minding your own business, teaching your life science course, it’s early in the term. A student, on the way out after class (never at the beginning of class, rarely during class) mentions something about “carbon dating.” This usually happens around the time of year you are…

Using Social Media to Promote Atheism

Social Media and Atheism …. an Atheist Talk Conversation with Mike Haubrich, Stephanie Zvan and Greg Laden. We talk about trolls too. The rug really ties the conversation together. Click Here to see or download the MP4. Embedded version may or may not be below the fold: