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Denialism Bingo

Denailists have a repertoire of gambits they use to spread their denialism and make their points. They need these gambits because they otherwise lack facts, cred, usable theory, or any of the other good stuff that makes science, history, etc. work. James Hrynyshyn has written a post about a publisher trying to pretend to be…

Yes, There Are Religious Scientists, and They Aren’t the Enemy The Three Musketeers of Woo attack science-based medicine Deconstructing Social Darwinism, Part II Fox News: volcanic coal kills off dinosaurs before they even evolved

SciCurious scrutinizes the g-spot

Sci Curious takes a poke at the recent G-spot research (which we discussed here) in this post: Friday Weird Science: the “reality” of the G Spot and the mainstream media. Sci reviews the actual, original research paper.

Ubuntu, Imma gonna let you be my operating system, but first, I gotta ask you to stop acting more like Windows with every new release. K?