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This was a project by a high school video class. As you watch, you’ll see objects doing things that they should not do as students take turns singing a Hall and Oats song while they walk/dance along the halls of their high school. The entire thing is filmed backwards, which explains how paper air planes…

Yellowstone: She’s gonna blow!!!

Well, not really. But, as noted in Eruptions, there is a new swarm of little earthquakes underneath the Yellowstone Caldera. You’ll remember we discussed this here last time that happened. Since that time, of course, we’ve gotten to see what it would actually look like if the world’s scariest caldera (maybe) actually went off:

I pointed to this earlier, but I think it deserves its own post (hat tip ABATC)

The Skeptics Circle Blog Carnival

is here art Ionian Enchantment. Please have a look, there is good stuff there. Honest. No need to be skeptical about it. Just go and look!

Important Ocean Blogging News

Miriam Goldstein of The Oyster’s Garter will now be blogging at Deep Sea News. Miriam is the Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch researcher featured here. Bookmark DSN. Interesting things will be happening.

Ed on Limbaugh inre Haiti

… in the latest episode of Psycho Talk.

Last weekend I attended Science Online 2010, which is a conference of science communicators with a heavy mix of bloggers, many journalists and others from the print industry, an increasingly large number of book authors, and OpenX (X=access, notebook, science, or whatever) advocates and practitioners.

Human Evolution and the Cooking of Food

I will be doing a Cafe Scientifique with the above title on Tuesday, January 19 (tomorrow as I write this) at 7:00 p.m. at the Bryant Lake Bowl. Doors open at 6. Get there early or call for reservations! The venue is small and the last CS sold out. Call 612-825-8949 for reservations (tickets are…

Selected #Scio10 Videos

There are a LOT of videos coming out on Science Online 10. Go to YouTube and enter Scio10 in search and you’ll see them. Here are a few chosen from what is there already. This is not comprehensive … but will give you a flavor of the event. Enjoy:

In reference to this Bullet Point 1: I agree, and I wanted to do that to you but for some reason we did not hook up. Bullet Point 2: It is good to match up the flesh to the sound, it changes everything! Bullet Point 3: I’m sure you are right about the explosion. Brilliant,…