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This is bible thumpers breaking military rules, US law, and endangering the troops. The war profiteers who do this admit it, and retorts that those who do not like the bible references printed on US military hardware are “not Christians.” Presumably this means that their complaints are irrelevant.

Oh, this is funny.

In a very very bad way. The FBI needs to get a grip.

Core Values, Atheism and Religion

Being right or wrong, being smart or not so smart, being religious-born vs. atheist-born, skeptical or not, or recovered faithful, figuring out what to think or believe vs. receiving the way or the wisdom. . It’s complicated. Read: Core Values, Atheism and Religion, Mike’s latest installment at Quiche Moraine.

Hat Tip: Jim

Religion and Science: The Non Debate

There is an interesting conversation developing on The Intersection (What Should Science Organizations Say About Religion? Answer: A Lot) to which this is my response: The conversation you have modeled here (people talking past each other … see the original post) is very close to what actually happens in an NCSE like conversation, except that…

Now that USB 3.0 is out, when will Linux get it?

Cool and Important Technology Tidbits

Twitter has an API that allows the development of some cool functionality, and one of those is the ability to travel into the future, tweet, then return to the present and wait for your tweet to happen.