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Creation Showing in Edina, Minnesota

Meal and Reel, Feb 19, Creation w/special guest Greg Laden at Edina Cinema Edina, the home of Al Franken, the town known locally as “Every Day I Need Attention” because of their quaint suburban attitudes, the place that appears to have the only half decent woman’s hair stylist in the city (because every woman I’ve…

Any octopus experts out there wanna give this a look? (At Digital Rabbit blog)

This is the question that was raised in the wake of a Science Online 2010 session on civility. I did not attend the session so I am only addressing the issues that were subsequently discussed on blog posts written in the aftermath of a now infamous conversation that appears to have been (by their own…

Super Bowl Anti-Choice Ads

The broadcast networks that air the Super Bowl have historically rejected advocacy ads. Yet CBS, which is airing the Super Bowl this year, has accepted an anti-choice ad by the ultra-conservative group Focus on the Family. Details here

The most wrong anyone ever was