1. #1 MadScientist
    February 2, 2010

    No LISS? Not that many people can understand the data …

    I was involved with IRIS (and another network whose name I forget) about 20 years ago. Those were exciting times – the digital broadband seismometer had been developed by the USGS and DoE (and a number of small and huge businesses); it must have been the first significant development in instrumentation since the invention of the galvanometer recorders and it was a huge change. Being a new instrument (already extensively tested in the lab though), aside from the broadband sensor we plugged the old long-period sensors into the system for comparison over a few years. The instruments were remarkable for their era; all the changes in technology since have resulted in refinements of the sensor and I can now pack the electronics into something the size of a lunchbox (and the instrument can cost as much as a car rather than as much as a mansion).

  2. #2 David
    February 2, 2010

    2 great free iPhone apps: USGS Seismic, which displays the USGS recent earthquake feed (tap on a quake to get full info), and USGS, which shows recent USGS news and also lists recent large quakes.

  3. #3 Johnson B Long
    February 2, 2010

    Looks like the government is making more tunnels undergorund again. They have their earthquake machines into overdrive. Must be behind schedule. They greys get iritated when we get behind schedule.