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Diverse Tidbits

Time for Atheists to Stop It Man-made mud volcano starting to look like a real volcano Pachyderms Vandalize Small Indian School

Huxley reads his first book by himself

My son is brilliant!

Sports and Politics

Check out the latest cover of Sports Illustrated. The Raging Grannies address the Super Bowl Ad maneno.

…. because they always shoot first! And it turns out that reaction is faster than action, so the Marshall can shoot the Varmint Bad Guy, and the Sar Wars Storm Troopers didn’t have a chance. [Niels] Bohr was seemingly unhappy with the Tinseltown explanation that the good guy, who never shoots first, always wins. Legend…

The truth untold

There is a certain religion in which a man utters the same prayer every morning on waking. He says “Thank you god, that I was not born a woman.” That sounds really bad. But then you read this and it all makes sense: What pregnant women won’t tell you. Ever.

Autism, Narcotics and Lost Language

Journal Retracts Study Backing Vaccine-Autism Link Narcotic Therapy Contracts Ancient tribal language becomes extinct as last speaker dies

Be aware: The USPTO will no longer accept USD (up-side-down) faxes. You are now informed. Details.

… things can get a little tense …

LHC schedule change

The world’s highest energy atom smasher, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), will run at half its maximum energy through 2011 and likely not at all in 2012. Officials at the European particle physics laboratory, CERN, had previously planned to run the gargantuan accelerator at 70% of maximum energy this year. The change raises hopes at…