Archives for February 26, 2010

One of the reasons I blog is to put out stuff to see how others react to it. This is to ultimately modify and improve …. the stuff. I was rather amused a while back when we were discussing racist science, and I was accused of intentionally putting stuff out there to see what reactions…

According to The Internet, the Canadian females, many under drinking age by several days, partied on the ice after beating the American Team in Vancouver yesterday. They had champaign, beers, smoked cigars, and they got silly, attempting at one point to drive the Zamboni machine around on the ice!!!! Outrage!!!!

… In other words, the next version of the Linux Kernel, versoin 2.6.33, is hereby released. is a social networking thingie for gay men and does its banking at Citibank. Apparently, someone at Citibank decided that the contents of the Fabulis blog was not fabulous, and violated Citibank rules of conduct whereby you must do things a certain way or they will close your accounts.