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“Friends of Darwin” take center stage

From the NCSE:

A half century of struggle has resulted in more than a little change, which we hope is still ongoing.

In case music was not your thing …

Don’t click on this or you will be distracted for the rest of the evening!

…. do NOT click on this link and play with this thing. Hat Tip: Emma D.

Skaters performing in “Black Face” in 2010?

Canadians: “Are beer does not suck”

Oh. Canada!!!11!!

Not to stir up more trouble, but …

Why did the cold war really end?

Many people give credit to Ronald Reagan, when he climbed up on the Berlin Wall and personally kicked it down brick by brick while under fire from the East German Stasi.

Read Blunt Force English at Quiche Moraine

… well, not really, but they should!!! Following two simple guidelines would help: 1) Don’t ever change the function of installed software unless the user has requested it (don’t even suggest it. Just sit there quietly until told othewise) and 2) Don’t evern install new software. Ever. That is the user’s job, not Google’s or…