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I recently posted an appeal for help for Minnesota’s Camp Quest, and one commenter noted that atheists should not have summer camps. Others have chimed in with reasons why that commenter was wrong. Here, I’d like to tell a simple story of one girl’s experience and why it may have been better for her to…

Four Stone Hearth

The Four Field Anthropology Blog Carnival, Four Stone Heath, is up at the blog Ad Hominin. Here. The next Four Stone Hearth will be hosted by Moi.

It is my understanding that Camp Quest of Minnesota is seeking volunteers and other assistance. This is your chance to do what you’ve always wanted to do!!!!!! Click here for the Camp Quest web site.

Technology Musings

A couple of unrelated technology things.

Want a free USB thumbdrive thingie?

There’s almost no on answering the Collective Imagination Question today, so this is your chance! Click here. And while you are over there, have a look at my latest post on Japanese Ring Tone Therapy.

An Interview with Vandana Shiva