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Ignore this unless you have a cast iron stomach.

It is not exactly rocket science

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Shut up or I will kill you

That is the message being clearly repeated by defeated Tea Party activists, and it is not all words.

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[The speaker] said she will file a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission over the way she was treated by the University of Ottawa. In a column posted on the website, [she] said she hopes the “august” commission will find out whether the school has warned other speakers to watch their words the…

Apparently, Tea Party Terrorists (TPT) have threatened and/or harassed Democratic Congressional Representatives Betty McCollum and Keith Ellison because of their votes on health insurance reform.

…. Continued …. So, what rights to what animals get? When Charlton Heston’s character in Planet of the Apes came across that great edifice of Western Civilization and realized that the old Orangutan was right … humans are fundamentally destructive of themselves and their near relatives … he replicated in the fictional future what Louis…