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Singh Vindicated

When the science writer Simon Singh sat down to write an opinion piece on chiropractors two years ago, he could have had little inkling of the nightmare that lay ahead. Yesterday, after a court of appeal ruling hailed as a “resounding victory” for Singh, he has been spared having to stand up in court and…

Good stuff to read

I like this post because I’m an archaeologist: Garbage Statistics. Be afraid of doctors in Cape Fear. Does Domestication Produce Dummies?

And now, it is time for the April 1st edition of Four Stone Hearth, the four field Anthropological Blog Carnival. Our first submission is from Somatosphere, a blog about Science, Medicine and Anthropology, and it is about the discover of Big Foot in the Poconos Mountains of Pennsylvania! No kidding, this time they REALLY FOUND…

Subtitle: Republican Annoyed by Uppity Blacks with Phones Watch and listen, and marvel at it. Marvel at the attitude of the caller, which I’m sure is fairly widespread. Marvel as well at the way the host handles the call. For which he should be fired instantly.

The True Story of Easter

This is not only the true story of easter, but it is also a commentary on which is better, cats or dogs. Verily, many mysteries are explained in this epic documentary:

Framing the Pacific Garbage Patch

Various environmental organizations have been using imagery of dead baby birds with toothbrushes in their guts and solid floating masses of garbage to describe and raise alarm about what has become known as the North Pacific Central Garbage Patch. Yet, the small but important amount of research that has been done there shows that the…

The Corporation

Have you ever watched the documentary The Corporation? If not, you must. It is now available on YouTube and everywhere else, but as an experiment, I’ve embedded the Hulu version of it here:

Tea Time

Keep an eye out for Bond Action. Very scary stuff.