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CHAI RANT!!!11!! It is time for another Chai Rant.

First, there was plain and simple creationism, a Christian idea that, in an ideal Christian world, would be taught as part of any science dealing with the past, including biology (evolution), geology, and presumably history. But the constitution stood in the way of implementing basic Christian teachings in public schools in the United States, though…

Wikio Science Blogs Rankings

This Month’s Wikio Rankings of Top Science Blogs is as follows:

Happy Good Friday!

I don’t know what to think about this. Remember the prom, where the lesbian girl wanted to wear a tux (gasp!) and bring her girlfriend (gasp) so the local already known to be wacked out school district shut the prom down? You may also know that the ACLU organized an alternate prom, and has been…

Twin Cities Anti-Choice Protest

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