How are today’s teachers sharing the wonders of science and critical thinking with the next generation of students?

With cognitive psychologist and university lecturer Barbara Drescher, and Mike McRae, former science teacher and current science writer/illustrator for the education division of CSIRO.

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  1. #1 MadScientist
    April 13, 2010

    The science writers/illustrators for the CSIRO do not impress me at all. A few years ago the CSIRO published a kid’s book on “Climate Change” and I couldn’t ask for a worse book on the topic; I would expect the denialists to come up with equally bad nonsense. The CSIRO diet books have also been condemned by experts around the world as nothing but more fad diets. (Hey, where’s our NIH diet book?) I wonder if the CSIRO has anything substantial to contribute to science education or if their so-called education department is nothing more than mere propaganda.

    Oh well, I’ll listen to the podcast when I’m back in an area with decent internet transfer rates; I just hope it doesn’t make my eyes roll out of their sockets.