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… if you take time off from work to do so. Nice. Massey Energy told employees that if they miss work to attend the funerals they would be fired, workers said. A Massey worker, who did not give his name because he is afraid of losing his job, said that his coworkers were outraged that…

… Or is he the Congressmember from the Fifth District of Minnesota?

What is skepticism?

There are two things I’ve learned over the last year. 1) If you get a room full of self-described skeptics, gathered to converse skeptically about something, a minor tweaking of the conversation can cause an alarmingly large percentage of said “skeptics” to start spewing utter nonsense; and 2) Manyself-described skeptics seem to believe (yes, believe)…

There is something strange in the cosmic neighbourhood. An unknown object in the nearby galaxy M82 has started sending out radio waves, and the emission does not look like anything seen anywhere in the universe before. “We don’t know what it is,” says co-discoverer Tom Muxlow of Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics near Macclesfield, UK.…

“Mr. Tangarone, a 17-year veteran of the Weston school system, claims that a program he wanted to teach about Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln was rejected by the school administration because it involved teaching evolution — the scientific theory that all life is related and has descended from a common ancestor.”

More on Reference Managers

There’s been a flurry of interest on reference managers, and especially Mendeley, so I thought I’d throw up a few links that you will find useful.

Randall Hyde’s book is now out in it’s second edition.