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Global People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth

It has long been thought that there are linkages between certain viruses and the weather. The flu season is winter (in whichever hemisphere it happens to be winter in) for reasons having to do with the seasons. One early theory posited that the practices of East Asian farmers, as they tended their animals, caused waterfowl…

Sunday Reading

The latest on whether or not skeptical people should go after the pope for facilitating child abuse, or just shut up and let everyone else handle it:

YA Knee Update

A follow up on the earlier installment of “As the knee turns…”

The You’re Not Helping Blog, a blog written by a consortium of well known bloggers with the assigned task of determining which bloggers, and which blog posts, “help” vs. “not help” has certified certain things said by PZ Myres and Michael Ruse as …. A-OK! Check it out: