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Racist roots of Arizona law

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What do we think of the Teabaggers?

According to a recent poll, the vast majority of Americans think that the Teabaggers are ignorant racist dumb-asses. Click here to vote. Website Polls Powered By MicroPoll

Summer Reading List

Julia is going overseas for most of the summer, and she is putting together her reading list. I’m sure she’ll put together a fine list. But we live in a culture in which we are compelled to suggest to high school students what they might want to read, especially in preparation for college. I’ve looked…

We talk to Sherman K. Stein, mathematician and author of “Survival Guide for Outsiders: How To Protect Yourself From Politicians, Experts, and Other Insiders.” What makes us so susceptible to social influence, and how can we guard against being manipulated? And Matthew Linsdell on Personal Training This Friday at 6 PM MST

Well, OK, technically if a man is wearing chains he’s not really naked. Whatever. The question at hand is, was sex in skepticism before women showed up? And, when they showed up with their bobbies and all, did they ruin it for everyone? Read more.

This is the opening paragraph which gets you very interested in the topic.