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First, let’s get this straight. I’m all for anti-science anti-vaxer right wingers not being vaccinated, as long as a) we take their children away from them (and vaccinate the poor dears) and b) isolate the adult anti-vaxers from the rest of the species, perhaps in Texas. But in the meantime, let’s look at the latest…

Hat Tip: The ever sharp Miss Cellania

Really, is getting vaccinated for whooping cough really a socialist plot to take over your minds?


Margaret Anderson Kelliher

Learn the name. She’s the next governor of Minnesota.

Notice that I didn’t say that the medium IS the message. Just that some of the message is in there. In the medium. I am forever amazed at how easily compelled my fellow skeptics, and/or my fellow atheists, and/or my fellow feminists, and/or my fellow anti-racists are to tell each other that they are doing…

Teabaggers Explained

In their own words …

Happy Anniversary The Hubble!

Twenty years ago today, the rocket … The Discovery …. blasted off, carrying the Hubble Space Telescope. And, to celebrate, NASA has released one of the most astonishing photographs ever.

Free Stuff about Open Access!!!

Open Sourcing Genetic Research Counting Gorillas and Elephants; The study of pain; Yet Another Complete Genome; The winter plumage of grouse; and much much more. Open Access in Canada (PDF File)

At least one, probably several.