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The Cold War as Popular Culture

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and other TV shows like it helped young Americans learn what and who to be be afraid of, and most importantly, what our enemies looked like…. Read on

Are now available:

After years of inattention, in the past month, the mainstream media has suddenly turned its eye toward black women. And the resulting coverage, filtered through a pretty jaundiced lens, is enough to make me wish the world had never “discovered” us. Here are the messages we’ve heard: 1). Men don’t want us. 2). We don’t…

Genie Scott got a new hair cut!

… like, twenty years ago …

Michele Bachmann might be the stupidest person who can still breathe.

“Dick Shake”

This is a somewhat stream of consciousness response to an interview of Michael McRae by Tokenskeptic followed by an interview with Desiree Schell of Skeptically Speaking. Please go listen to the podcast, it is quite good.