Archives for May 7, 2010

A new show called “JC” is planned for Comedy Central. The details of the show indicate that it has potential to be rather funny. But what is even funnier is watching the Catholic League trying to figure out exactly how to be mad at Comedy Central.

Bird Pwns Moth, Crowd Cheers!!!

I have now been out for two drives in a row during which I did NOT see a bald eagle. Until now, almost every drive I’ve been on this year had yielded at least one. But, there is always something: last night a big red tail and the other day the usual egrets and an…

Such are the words uttered by a young physical anthropologist in response to Sir Edmund Hillary’s request that he join the search for Yeti on the fridgid snow clad slopes of Mount Everest.

Mexicans Are Cute and Funny

Yet another foray into the mind-bending world of 1960s TV….