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Submit your entries to Berry Go Round, the Plant Carnival here. Submit your entries to Diversity in Science here. The topic will be “Shattering Stereotypes in STEM.” Go and visit I and the Bird number 125, here! Go and visit Scientia Pro Publica 29 here.

If you want to read Apple and Adobe’s opinions directly: Steve Jobs posted his thoughts on Flash, and Adobe shared their thoughts as well. I find it very interesting to note what both sides claim is the core issue: Openness. JH at LIE addresses the question.

What is a hippie?

Occasionally you hear about hippies. But people who call themselves hippies today, or that others call hippies, are not like the original hippies at all. Generally, modern hippies are more brown (and I’m talking clothing choice) and less stoned than the original hippies. The original hippies were making many different political statements, social statements, and…

Matini chewed hungrily on the cooked forearm of the monkey as I watched, thinking, “WTF, is he really not going to share?” The others watched him with looks of incredulity that told me they were thinking the same thing. Finally, Latala said to Matini, thumb pointing sideways to me, “You know, he knows the rules.”…