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Probably a member of Euphorbia milii, aka, “Crown of Thorns” or “Christ Plant.”

OK, before you answer, I’m going to tell you what I think. No. But that is not what is going on here (my snarky title is designed to get the attention of the usual suspects who will decry what is going on at Sandwalk Blog as repression). What is going on is a community of…

Genie Scott on Skepchick


I recently watched this film for the first time since I was a little kid. The plot is much more nuanced than I had realized at the time. Interesting mixture of science and religion.

Ask a Science Blogger is Back

Do you have a burning question to put to the ScienceBlogs bloggers? Perhaps it’s ethical – should companies be able to patent specific genes? Should primates have the same rights in laboratory settings as humans? Maybe it’s silly – would you rather pet a dinosaur, or shake hands with a Neanderthal? Or maybe you’re just…

Free Pacman!

While it lasts.

When I was first in the Ituri Forest, I Noticed there were many kinds of plantains grown in the gardens there They varied by size and shape. One version seemed to have numerous black spots on the outside. When asking what it was called, I found its name was the same as the variety without…