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South African Mystery Flowers

Giraffe with enigmatic neck

As the world’s attention focuses on the perils of oil exploration, we present Richard Sears’ talk from early February 2010. Sears, an expert in developing new energy resources, talks about our inevitable and necessary move away from oil. Toward … what?

Four Stone Hearth Blog Carnival

is at the Prancing Papio (= Dancing Baboon) at THIS LINK HERE. click it. enjoy.

Today, many biotechnology blogs focus on genomics (especially personal genomics) and the business side of biotech. The blogs listed below are produced by professors, students as well as law firms and researchers. One other focus in these top 50 biotechnology blogs is bioinformatics, represented in both in molecular biology as well as in databases, algorithms,…

According to a study just coming out in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, “variations in emotional intelligence–the ability to identify and manage emotions of one’s self and others–are associated with orgasmic frequency during intercourse and masturbation.”

Or, on the other hand, this may be a good thing:

Check out this meta app. It runs fully functional in an iPad (I’m told), and is a super fancy reference library for the iPhone OS. It is a web app that you can see on any web browser but, when it senses that it is on an iPad, shifts into super-duper mode. Here’s the links…

Knee Update at 100 days

It has been 100 days since I accidentally severed my right patellar tendon. I’m bending my knee to 105 degrees or so, I can now use my quads (though not for much), and I usually walk around with no brace or crutch. On the other hand, if I take a long walk (as in a…

From Sociological Images (Hat Tip: Ana):