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And what can you really do with them?

Today is the big day! And not merely because it is TGIF* day.

Ida the Fossil Primate

You probably know that there is a new primate fossil, nicknamed “Ida,” and that there is quite a buzz about it. (Well, you certainly do know by now because this is a repost!)

Monkey Business

Gender, Bias, and Gender Bias.

Do male geniuses outnumber female geniuses? Yes, of course, if you define geniuses in such a way that they do. See commentary here and here about this topic. On a related note, here is a post that is closely related: The interrelationship between bias in biology and bias in education: High Cotton by Naomi Baker

Do not touch

Think of penguins as ocean sentinels, says Dee Boersma — they’re on the frontlines of sea change. Sharing stories of penguin life and culture, she suggests that we start listening to what penguins are telling us.

Many years ago, a sudden event occurred that changed everything. Or at least, that is what we think now. But in truth, the event took longer than many today believe, and many of the specific details, the exact order of events, the actual meaning of each detail, are not fully understood. Indeed, in the process…

South African Mystery Flowers