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The Wetterling Abduction (1989) is a relatively well known case of an unsolved child abduction. Patty Wetterling went from bereaved mother of abductee Jacob Wetterling (11 years old) to child saety advocate to Congressional canddiate. Had Patty Wetterling won her race for Congress, she’d be there instead of … yes, you guessed it, Wacko Michele…


June is almost over, and with nary a comment from this blog on rape. But June is the month we normally discuss this important problem. So to comply with that idea, I’m going to point you to a couple of posts from last year. If you’ve not read them, please have a look. Especially read…

If you’ve been following along, you’ll want to visit this comment on The Buddha Is Not Serious blog. My response: Thank you William, I appreciate what you’ve said, accept it at face value, and encourage you to reconsider your statement that you will never blog again. Hey, Quiche Moraine is always looking for guest blogging.…

First this: Then this:

“A Change Is Coming” LeRoy Bell

A Change Is Coming, by Leroy Bell, who happens to be my nephew. Pretty good, huh!?

And by faithing it, I mean using faith rather than critical analysis of the available information to make important decisions about what to regard as valid.

One Year Ago in Minnesota:

Coleman Steps Aside: Franken is Senator Let us not forget, Coleman was an absolute jerk during the whole process. And,he was a sucky senator. Subsequent to Franken’s establishment in office, he has proven himself equal to the best. Indeed, his lack of experience in elected office in general and the senate in particular is rather…

Oh. Hey, what do you say, the next person who says “environmentalists have always made these extreme predictions and they never come true” gets a boot. Somewhere. Somewhere deep. The dozens of dolphins and the sperm whale trapped in the oil, dead or near death, start at around 6:20. The end is a little strange.

I heard a white male blogger said something, or failed to say something, or whatever. So, let’s pile on and verbally pound him for a while! Because, you know, there is nothing worse going on in the world when it comes to buying and selling (with money or votes) women’s freedoms!!! Or is there?