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Have you ever bought a cell phone at one of those kiosks, or in a storefront for the carrier? Actually, if you are in the US I should ask “Have you ever NOT bought a cell phone in such a place?” (In at least some other countries they don’t make the process so religious and…

… is covered in my latest weatherblogging post.

I’m very please that my discussion of the “we can’t ever know what a word is” Internet meme has elicited a response from Mark Liberman at Language Log. (here) Mark was very systematic in his comments, so I will be very systematic in my responses.

discussion is happening at The Reef Tank: Ocean Woes by Doreen and More on The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a reprint from moi.

Say Good Bye

to Bioephemera, at least for now.

Gulf Oil Widget

From PBS, hat tip DSN

Floating Flowers