Archives for June 3, 2010

In HTML mode, and/or in related functions available in the internet, it appears that one can do the following: Insert a pair of HTML codes that one would then fill in with stuff. If point is in (or at the end of) a word, have the word wrapped in a specific HTML code pair. If…

A leading rights activist in the Democratic Republic of Congo has been found dead in the capital, Kinshasa. Floribert Chebeya’s body was discovered, partially clothed, on the back seat of his own car. source He was last known to have gone to a meeting with the national chief of police, Genral John Numbi. His driver…

Dilbert, Embedded. Experimentally

Doesn’t fit very well in our fixed 500px format. But, it’s a funny cartoon and suggests that Dilbert is a skeptic. Hat Tip: Hemant Mehta


The Carnival of Evolution is a NeuroDojo.

Rare endemic form