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UN chief Ban Ki-Moon has called for an independent investigation in the Democratic Republic of Congo into the death of a human rights activist. Floribert Chebeya’s body was found in his car after he was called to a meeting with the national police chief, which did not take place, on Tuesday. A senior UN investigator…

This is not a palm.

On a Mission from God

Lately I’ve been reading the 19th and early 20th century traveler’s accounts of what is now known as the Western Rift Valley and the Ituri Forest, Congo. Some are written by the famous ‘explorers’ such as H.M. Stanley, others written by scientists on expeditions in the area, and still others by missionaries. Reading these accounts…

Two Cats

The June Wikio Rankings

Here is a sneak preview of what the June Wikio rankings for Science Blogs is going to look like:

Or, at least, it may not be “protected” speech.

Rocks examined by NASA’s Spirit Mars Rover hold evidence of a wet, non-acidic ancient environment that may have been favorable for life. Confirming this mineral clue took four years of analysis by several scientists. An outcrop that Spirit examined in late 2005 revealed high concentrations of carbonate, which originates in wet, near-neutral conditions, but dissolves…