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RNC 8 progress (or lack thereof)

Remember the Saint Paul RNC 8? Here’s the latest news: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Court Affirms Prosecution’s Attempt to Criminalize Activism, Proceeds in Case Against RNC 8 June 10, 2010 ST. PAUL, Minn. — Yesterday, the RNC 8 completed the probable cause hearing, begun last month, a key step in determining whether their charges of conspiracy…

Helen Thomas was Not Treated Well

And other matters, from the Amazing Atheist:

Video of BP Boardroom Meeting

This is NOT a Hitler spoof.

A chapter from a special graphic adaptation of Charles Darwin’s Origin, by Rodale Press, is available for free download from the National Center for Science Education. Click here for the PDF.

Bird on a Rail

Who knows, but maybe you can find out on Friday Night when you listen to Skeptically Speaking.

Advancing the Science of Climate Change is a publication of the National Academy of Sciences (National Academies Press) which sports this description:

The Queen’s got a point: (Hat tip, Jennifer Ouellette)