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Then watch him squirm as he tries to unadmit it.

A Minnesota-based Christian rock band whose lead singer calls for the execution of homosexuals will appear at this year’s state GOP convention and has ties to the reelection campaign of Rep. Michele “Crazy Eyes” Bachmann. Being discussed on Joe.My.God. and reported here.

The Waterberg, South Africa

Many endemic species. Much water. When cattle were first introduced here, they found too little food to survive, so this region has suffered less from that sort of blight than other regions (thus the numerous endemic species, perhaps?)

Duck on Woodtick Road

Not a great photo, it was kind of far off:

A block quote: “Foursquare is a little bit of everything–a friend-finder, a local city guide, an interactive mobile game,” said company cofounder Dennis Crowley, as if reading from the same tired script used by every one of these Web 2.0 or whatever-the-fuck-they’re-called startups. “But more than that, Foursquare is an [endless string of meaningless buzzwords…