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Seriously. I am not making this up. Michele Bachmann, the so called “darling of the tea-baggers” (though I’m not sure why she’s called that exactly) had done a full 180 on her policies regarding government involvement in stuff. Check it out.

It won’t always work …

Massimo Pigliucci’s new book, “How to Tell Science from Bunk” has a great chapter called “Science in the Courtroom.” The National Center for Science Education has arranged for you to have it for free. Click here to download the PDF.

Turtle on Pond

in northern Minnesota

Well, yes. And some of it is discussed in the book “Evidence of Evolution.” You may be interested in this PDF download of a chapter courtesy of the National Center for Science Education (NCSE)

I suppose it might be if the hypothesis was very intelligently designed …. But the problem is not just in the question. It’s in the presumptions the question relies on. August Berkshire explores the idea here. Please go read this and comment!

That is the question being posed at AnswerBlog. I’m not sure what I think of AnswerBlog (they violate one of the prime directives of web design … stuffing unrequested crap into your clipboard, so I’m reserving judgment), but I thought you might like to address the question .

That is the question that South Carolina State Senator Jake “You’re a Raghead” Knotts claims that the press should have asked one of his political targets, Nikki Haley. This interesting suggestion … that the press check out a person’s Kristian Kreds … comes along with Senator Jake the Jerk’s statement that he “could care less”…