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Lily pads

….. as requested:

Background, more details, here.

I don’t believe for a second…

… that this cat can actually channel a mouse.

The Lone Springbok of Augrabies

Someday I will tell you the story of this springbok.

Truer words have never been spoken. In an effort to improve, I’ve taken a few sample photos, including some of the same plant that got me in trouble the first time. They are below the fold, because some will load slowly:

Tornado Footage from Minnesota

This is as close as one can get: BTW, I believe it is recommended to NOT hide from a tornado in your car. Here’s some context:

Kiss my ass, Joe Barton

An Open Letter to Joe Barton: See Above!!!! I saw this guy on the TV yesterday, and wondered, “How much did BP pay him to spew that crap!?!?” I was about to look into it when Mike sent me this blog post. Go read it. Get mad.

We had a hell of a storm

And not everyone lived through it. Here’s my weather blog entry, for what it’s worth. We skirted behind the front, and arrived at the intact cabin (as far as we can tell, it’s dark out!) safe and sound. Wadena was flattened, and two people were killed at two other locations in the state.