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The podcast for The Cosmetics Cop: Paula Begoun has materialized here. Paula Begoun is the bestselling author of “The Beauty Bible” and “Don’t Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me.” We’ll examine the science behind some popular beauty products, and find out what real research says about makeup myths. That also includes this segment: The…

Are you an IT professional?

If so, would you please take this survey? It is for a friend of mine who is working on a research project regarding what looks to me like “framing” in IT management. We’ll beat him up later for the framing bit. Anyway, click here to do the survey thing. Thanks.

How can a nation call itself civilized if it executes its own citizens?

Did you know….

Gay Men Remember Faces Better Than Straight Men Do Fruit fly sleep. The US government is at it again! (regarding GMOs) Nature photography is hard, but if done properly, the results will blow you away.