Is BP burning turtles alive?

According to some sources, yes.

News has just emerged from the Gulf Coast that BP is burning endangered sea turtles alive. 1

A boat captain who has been leading efforts to rescue the endangered turtles says BP has blocked his crews from entering the areas where the animals are trapped, effectively shutting down the rescue operation.

BP is using “controlled burns” to contain the oil spill. Shrimp boats create a corral of oil by dragging together fire-resistant booms and then lighting the enclosed “burn box” on fire. If turtles are not removed from the area before the fire is lit, they are literally burned alive.

Details here.


  1. #1 Pinky
    June 26, 2010

    How much longer will it be before the novel: “The Sheep Look Up” by John Brunner (published in 1972) becomes a history instead of a cautionary tale?

    How much longer before Rapa Nui (Easter Island) becomes a museum of the future?

    Time and hope are evaporating, all we will have left is the bitter taste of despair and only tears to quench our thirst.

    Politicians, our so-called leaders, need to stop arguing like a bunch of children who missed their naps and find solutions.

    I apologize for stating the obvious.

  2. #2 Alex.Besogonov
    June 26, 2010

    Do they also kick puppies and steal candy from children?

  3. #3 jefu
    June 26, 2010

    I just reread The Sheep Look Up and it is amazing (and a bit depressing) how much Brunner managed to get right.

  4. What a mess. Not only endangered sea turtles, but the MOST endangered sea turtles, the Kemp’s Ridleys. We posted a note about it on our blog as weel:

    The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill and a Lesson in Sea Turtle Population Ecology

  5. #5 Lori
    June 29, 2010

    Yeesh… who is in charge of their treatment of these poor creatures – HITLER?

  6. #6 Ivor Biggun
    July 6, 2010

    11 – People killed in accident on oil rig leased by British company BP, resulting in four presidential visits, a $1.6bn clean-up and the establishment of $20bn compensation fund in two months

    15,000 – People killed in accident at Bhopal plant owned by American company Union Carbide, resulting in 0 presidential visits, no clean-up and $470m compensation in 25 years