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Oh. Hey, what do you say, the next person who says “environmentalists have always made these extreme predictions and they never come true” gets a boot. Somewhere. Somewhere deep. The dozens of dolphins and the sperm whale trapped in the oil, dead or near death, start at around 6:20. The end is a little strange.

I heard a white male blogger said something, or failed to say something, or whatever. So, let’s pile on and verbally pound him for a while! Because, you know, there is nothing worse going on in the world when it comes to buying and selling (with money or votes) women’s freedoms!!! Or is there?

As you know, Oedepus Maximus, with the help of a handful of diligent women and men put all into one place the data needed to prove that the now infamous You’re Not Helping blog was not in fact written by a woman and three men of possible ethnic diversity working out of the Midwestern US.…

The latest issue of Evolution: Education and Outreach (volume 3, number 2) is in honor of — if a few months in advance of — the sixty-fifth birthday of NCSE‘s executive director Eugenie C. Scott. Edited by NCSE’s deputy director Glenn Branch (who contributed “Three wishes for Genie” by way of introduction), it contains essays…

Skepticism 101: What do you think?

Skepchicon starts in two days. For those of you who don’t know, Skepchicon is a “track” at Convergence, which in turn is one of those science fiction conventions where everyone dresses up as a Klingon or something.

Happy Blogoversary Primate Diaries!

One year ago today, EMJ started PD. And, that blog has proven a valuable contribution to