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Is BP burning turtles alive?

According to some sources, yes.

Linux in Exile has a new post on the approach an organization may take in moving to Linux. The post is here, and I recommend reading it. I have a few comments on JH’s commentary. I won’t quote what he says (you should just go there and look at it), but my responses correspond to…

It is hard to prove, but the evidence certainly leads in that direction.

“Indigo Girls” has a New Album

It’s called Staring Down the Brilliant Dream. I’m especially excited about the new versions of Shame on You and Wild Horses The disk is a collection of 31 songs selected from live shows during 2006-2009. Brandi Carlile and Jill Hennessey do some of the singing. Technically, it comes out on the 29th, but Staring Down…

It’s all in the mix. The pancake mix.

The perfect bird family tree

I’ve reposted this once already, but it is so important and cool …. we’re going to do it again. (And by “it” I mean the research, not this post!)

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson died one year ago. The following is a repost of something I wrote at that time:

… Where you pay a little every month and get something for it, or even don’t pay but become a “member” and get something for that? At the moment there are no plans for such a thing, but there is a survey for you to offer your opinion. Click here to take the survey.

The next installment of my new falsehoods series, on Skeptically Speaking radio with Desiree Schell, is tonight at 6PM Mountain Standard Time. You can listen on line or wait until emacsDay, I mean Sunday, and download it. The main guests (my bit is a little add in pre-recorded thing) are George Dvorsky and Greg Fish.…