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The Plant Blogging Carnival Berry Go Round is up and running at Agricultural BiodiversityWeblog. The Carnival of Evolutoin # 25 is at Culturing Science.

This is a guest post by professional photographer Scott Rowed, describing his experience in switching from Windows to Linux.

This movie will become a classic

Unlikely to come to a theater near you, this obscure foreign film would make you laugh, cry, and wonder about what is really possible: Hat tip: Java Joe

According to a Social Analysis who has studied the issue. Gillard is the new Prime Minister of Oz.

The Blog Pick of the Month is a monthly award given for the best (well, they don’t actually say best, but I’ll assume) blog post covering a story from PLoS ONE and aggregated in (There are several such posts each month.) This is considered one of the most prestigious awards on the entire Internet.…

Wasps, hornets, and other Hymenoptera may live nearly solitary lives, live in huge colonies, or something in between. The European hornet, Vespa crabro, lives in a colony consisting of one queen mated to a single male. In Hymenoptera, females are typically diploid (having genes from both parents) while males are typically haploid (having genes only…