Archives for July 7, 2010

OK, not really. But … following Pal MD’s nostalgia/softdrink/video theme, here is what happens when the Pepsi Theme Song meets the Internet: The scary guy in the middle is Physiprof.

If you look at the Pepsi Food Frontiers Blog you will see that it now says “ADVERTORIAL” along the top of the blog. My understanding is that this is temporary and more design changes may occur, but the objective is to make this sort of blog clearly distinct from regular blogs. This is a good…

Having read my colleagues blog posts and many comments thereon and elsewhere, I want to suggest that we consider the new blog, “Food Frontiers,” a little differently than some have suggested (see my original post) and, actually, welcome it to the Sb fold.

UPDATE: It gets worse. Chis Mooney has provided some additional details. As more and more is known, my tendency to say to ‘William’: “oh, stop confessing and just get back to blogging, we forgive you” is turning into “OMH, you fuckhead, please slit your wrists now” … except I’m afraid he’d do it and I’d…

Must we Jiggle? Really?

I am astonished and depressed that it has come to this