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Wait, wait, that’s no way to treat a robot!


On Skeptically Speaking: We talk to researcher Dr. Kathleen Taylor, the author of Cruelty: Human Evil and the Human Brain. Has the human brain evolved the capacity for evil? We’ll examine cruelty as a scientific phenomenon, using the latest research from psychology and neuroscience. Friday. Click here.

Since its inception, the Huffington Post’s business model has been one based on providing decent political reporting and serving as a liberal news aggregate of content assembled from around the internet. But in addition to its main news page, it has also built its success on the idea that it will let just about anyone…

eTown is a music and community-building radio show broadcast on a number of stations across the US. Well, it’s not all music. They do a wide variety of things, including a kind of pickup-game with well known artists and not so well known, but very talented, musicians.

What I had for lunch today

There are three topics I want to blog about in the near future, but given baby duties, narcotic haze, and a few other factors I won’t get to right away. But I thought I’d tell you what they are in case you have any preliminary remarks that I might find useful. Or, perhaps you can…

I am a hypocrite

I want everyone else on the Innertubes to be nice to me, but I don’t care to be nice to them unless I feel like it.

Food Frontiers is Gone

The site has been removed from So, moving right along…