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Things blowing up

When and where will the next manhole explosion be? Bonus question: Why are manholes (or is that menhole?) round? Why is a Black hole emitting a giant gas bubble 1000 light-years wide? Bonus question: How can anything in a vacuum be called a “bubble”?

The Lone Springbok

Basks in wadi, Augrabies National Park, South Africa. Warning, image (below the fold) is a bit large.

And we’re talking about bigots and creationists in Alberta, which I figure is more or less the Canadian equivalent of Texas …. the dumbest province in the Great White North.

Is Microsoft Losing its Grip on the Young Developers? Check out this interesting post by LIE. It’s the truth. Check out the BGR Plant Carnival here. And the Carnival of Cinema is here.

Will Palin Replace Steele at RNC?

The highly untrustworty rag News Max is reporting: In the wake of Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele’s lashing out against the war in Afghanistan, CBS News Senior White House Correspondent Bill Plante is reporting a buzz in the GOP inner sanctum that Sarah Palin should replace him. Huh. Anybody hear anything about this?

As promised … William the Blogger of YNH fame should seriously consider starting a new blog (after a suitable rest period in a witness protection program).

New science blog!

It’s called “Science is Culture” and it is run by Adam Bly, who … …. founded Seed out of a biochem lab in Montreal, where he studied cell adhesion and cancer. He now lives in New York and is the CEO of Seed Media Group. Go say hey to Adam.

Well, it is. But the Proton “got smaller” just now. And, by “got smaller” I mean that the accepted measurement of the proton has been adjusted slightly. The new measurement for the proton’s diameter is about 0.00000000000003 mm (0.03 femtometers less than it was before. This is important:

… As promised … Chris Mooney is about to explain to just posted a detailed explanation (which I have not read yet) of his interaction with the famous William the Blogger of YNH, posed as “Tom Johnson.” He’s posted Part One of an explanation of this infamous maneno, and we await Part II.