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When I injured my knee last February, it became apparent that I would not be able to fly to my BIL’s wedding in DC. So…..

We took a walk today along the east side of the Mississippi River just down stream from Coon Rapids Dam. The park here invested about ten years ago in a major prairie restoration project which has been paying off big time in recent years. The following is a sampling of the scenery, mainly focusing on…

Help me identify this aircraft

There were two of them, flying together, and they seemed to be going fast.

Wildlife on the Waterberg

One of those good grazing spots, attracting white rhino, various antelopes, wart hogs, and birds.

The Oystercatcher and the Clam

One of those really cool and useful “evolution stories” gets verified and illuminated by actual research. And blogging!

Bwahahahah!!! The true purpose of blogging? No… from Ed, a compilation of the best/worst movie insults evah!

The trial started on July 10th, 1925. It ended on July 21st of the same year. Evolution lost. That time. Subsequently, Evolution won most of the trials.