Archives for July 12, 2010

“You’re holding it wrong,” is apparently the latest ‘advice’ from Apple’s Steve Jobs. When the iPhone 4 first came out, people noticed a lot of signal drops. To me, that would not be surprising because the iPhone requires the AT&T service, which, in Minnesota, totally sucks. There are vast areas of my own personal geography…

Decades Old Skeptics Tape Surfaces


… in Kruger Park. Waterbuck have a neat adaptation: Nasty tasting subcutaneous fat. It is said that lions and leopards avoid them for this reason. I assure you, however, that they do not avoid them totally. In fact, I’m not sure if it works at all. They seem to be hunted in reasonably close proportion…

Polanski Walks

have decided not to extradite film director Roman Polanski to the US to face sentencing for a case dating back to 1977. from the BBC

The spill from space

And an interesting animation of the spill so far:

Uganda Bombings: Dozens dead

Sixty-four people were killed by two bombs set off at World Cup related events. Roughly the same number again were injured. The Somali group al-Shabab is suspected. One American is among the dead, and three American missionaries were wounded. The BBC has details.