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Blog Rolling UDPATED

Here (below the fold) is my new blog roll. If you were expecting to be there and don’t see yourself, let me know. I’m trying to keep my blog roll blog roll-like in that it includes mainly people with whom I exchange linking now and then, and especially whose who’s blog roll I’m on. I’ve…

Today the Texas Freedom Network Education Fund released results from a statewide survey of what Texans think about the intersection of politics and religion with public schools. We released results from two questions back in May. One showed overwhelming support for putting teachers and scholars, instead of politicians on the State Board of Education, in…

Storms and Tree Death in the Amazon

I’ve actually studied the relationship between storm activities and tree falls in a rain forest, so when I saw this, I thought it was quite interesting.

The perfect cell phone

A regular cell phone does not do enough, and has a small screen. An iPhone or smart phone is not easy to hold as one might hold a phone, but has all sorts of functionality and an OK screen. An iPad is kind of cool, but it does not have phone capacities. And, if it…

More details here.

God, Darwin … or Both?

Speaking of Accommodationism and New Atheism and stuff, check out this 10 year old discussion:

The French have moved one step closer to banning purdah and other veil-wearing in public. In France, this intolerance of religious freedom /slash/ protection of vulnerable populations from the patriarchy is a feminist issue. Would this be the final paragraph of the final chapter of the recession of Islam (from France) following its high water…

National Center for Science Education staff will be featured at two key panels at the Netroots Nation 2010 conference in Las Vegas at the Hotel Rio. Details below the fold.

Cuelty and Ants

Skeptically Speaking’s podcast on Cruelty is now available here. Next week’s show will be Adventures Among Ants, with my close personal friend Mark Moffett. You’re gonna like Mark. Details here.