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On the Utility of Dicks For a few bucks, a randy Switzer can have a three pack of condoms delivered by bike in one hour. Researchers create ‘lesbian’ mice by deleting a single gene Stone Age Dildo Found in Sweden

Co-creator of the philanthropic FEED bags, Ellen Gustafson says hunger and obesity are two sides of the same coin. At TEDxEast, she launches The 30 Project — a way to change how we farm and eat in the next 30 years, and solve the global food inequalities behind both epidemics.

This presentation by John Abraham of St. Thomas in Minnesota rips to shreds Christopher Monckton’s prior presentation at Bethel College (both religious institutions of higher ed, but of very different characers!). A summary of the Abraham v. Monkinton debate is supplied here, on Class M Planet.

Jennifer L. Jacquet has been investigating the results of unfettered “drill baby drill” environmentalism, and in the process came across this impressive collection of tee-shirts that say something about the BP oil spill. For the most part, they are not pro BP. Bora of A Blog Around the Clock interviews Anne Frances Johnson, in his…

Apparently, BP’s well cap on Deepwater Horizon is holding, as the closure of the well cap plays a role in testing the device itself. The cap will stay closed for only a short time, then oil will be allowed to flow to surface ships again while relief wells are drilled into the deposit. One of…

…. because your proof of your god is falsified by science. But that is not a problem that science has. It is a problem that you have. It is also not a problem that the Secular Public School System in the US has. Unless you make it so. This explored in a recent iNewp piece: