He’s already got the hang of it.


  1. #1 gwen
    July 31, 2010

    Aww, Huxley is so cute! He has gotten big! I remember when you posted his birth!!

  2. #2 Charles Sullivan
    July 31, 2010

    On the road to ripping Christmas presents next.

  3. #3 DuWayne
    July 31, 2010

    I don’t know…I’m kind of disappointed that he didn’t get a stick. Babies + stick + pinata = comedic gold.

    Unless of course, they whack themselves in the head – they’re supposed to whack others, not themselves.

  4. #4 wrpd
    July 31, 2010

    The rising rate of pinata-related deaths is nothing to laugh about. Or sneeze at.