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But Conservapedia is going to fix that. … apparently Conservapedia is unhappy that after Terence Tao got the Fields Medal four years ago he then endorsed Barack Obama for President, … To deal with this apparent liberal bias and affirmative action in the Fields Medal, Conservapedia is starting its own award for mathematicians Read about…

Phil Plait’s Famous Speech

Don’t be a dick.

There is a swath across the map of Minnesota that runs northwest to southeast across the state, separating the major biomes of the eastern two thirds of the country, and for complicated reasons. North, it is colder, south warmer. Much of the moister in the region, especially in the summer, comes from the Gulf of…

Charles Darwin and God

Macaca Moment in the Mn Gov Campaign?

Well, not yet, but wait for it. This story and this story describe “tracking” of the Democratic Candidate by the Teabagging Republican, which is also discussed by Jim in this story from the point of view of an insider.