Archives for August 23, 2010

PZ is struck down, temporarily

If you haven’t seen it, please check out this bit of dark comedy from PZ, who reveals that he will be undergoing unspecified probing and surgery. Medical science will be having its way with him over the next few days. Go wish him well!

Name that organism

And now it is time for a new edition of Name that Organism. Each of the following photos was taken at Itasca State Park, except one. Extra points for naming which photo was not taken in the park.

Photos from Itasca

As you know, we just spent a few days at Itasca (see this for the meaning of the word “Itasca”) where we saw some interesting wildlife. I thought I ‘d share a few photos of the trip.


This has been a very quiet hurricane season considering that it was predicted to be active and intense. The fourth named storm is only now developing in the Atlantic, and it is a hurricane named Danielle.